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27 January 2017

The Best DotNetNuke Mobile Modules So Far

The world is significantly moving towards digital transformation and leverage optimum technology usage in the majority of fields. The businesses and enterprises are changing the entire scenario of business processes with the web and mobile solutions. So do you want an impressive and effective way to manage your business processes? Get your hands on one of the best Content management Systems, DotNetNuke.

With DNN module development creation, modification, update, and management of website can be easier and hassle-free.


Businesses require an appealing web presence to gain the customer attention, streamline the processes and jump into the seamless connection exposures. To meet the upcoming business needs, many perceive web development as a sole tactic to carry out the business functions.

Well, if talk comes to web development, there are a plenty of development tools and technologies making their robust space in the development market. Apparently, all the development platforms are having proficiency in one or either. Among the popular web development platform, many business enterprises prefer Microsoft’s DotNetNuke development platform for reliable and inventive web solution to shape the business requirements. Create alluring UX experience and robust development modules through the DotNetNuke module development; one can be sure of a noteworthy return on investments.

The structure of DotNetNuke ensures simplicity in such a way that a layman can manage and build the website. The overall design experience and scalable functionalities of DotNetNuke module development let you provide the better insights.

DotNetNuke has offered a variety of dnn mobile modules to satisfy the mobile development needs.

Let’s look at some of these DNN mobile modules:

Light box gallery module by dnnsoftware:

DNN has often come up with the advanced modules to give advancement in functions. This module allows you to add lightbox image gallery which is specifically built for faster loading of images on devices. It supports various responsive themes and showing the better quality images without taking much time.

Mobile DNN by DNNSmart.Net:

With the advent of technology and tools, DotNetNuke keeps updating and supports a wide range of third-party extensions. The Mobile DNN module particularly serves the mobile view for a particular website. With the help of this module, accessing your site in the mobile device provides an appropriate and concise view of the interface.

DNN mobile gallery function 1.0.4 by DNNSmart.Net

This module works well with mobile DNN module. It lets you allow bulk uploading of images in galleries and provide ease in managing them. You can add multiple images to each gallery. This module offers easy and appealing image view to the users.

DNN Cross video gallery module by DNNModule

It is DNN module that allows the user to publish the audio or video and easily attach images and document files. It adjusts as per the viewer’s device and browsers compatibility to provide the best experience.

Salaro Mobile Redirector by SalarO Team:

This module basically allows the redirections for iPhone version of the site URL. This can be applied on a single page or on multiple pages. You can differentiate and show different portal version that based on specific iPad or iPhone support skin.

Final Notes:

With the mobile expansion, DotNetNuke provides various mobile modules that facilitate the mobile functionality of the DNN website. DNN module development can provide simplicity and flexibility to craft enhanced and better user-experience.


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