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                                  - Brand Introduction -

                                  1. Enterprise logo interpretation:

                                  This logo is mainly marked with beautiful lines in English font, showing the modern style of enterprise culture of huialuminum.

                                  The "H" capital letter is consistent with aluminum profile in shape, and the font has a hard feeling, which brings a smart and wise impression to people; Then, using lowercase letters, we abandoned the dignified and cold feeling of using capital letters completely, and showed their active and affinity.

                                  Horizontal direction design is consistent with the realization of conscious movement of human beings, and improves visual comfort.

                                  2. Enterprise standard color:

                                  The color of "huial blue" is the main color. It represents profession and trust, and symbolizes happiness and good luck. Huialuminum blue increases the affinity of enterprise image and gives people a clear visual impact. It is consistent with the modern, innovative and dynamic brand positioning of enterprises. At the same time, it has unique characteristics and easy to identify.

                                  3. Enterprise standard words:

                                  Chinese standard font includes full Chinese and English full name of enterprise name, and the arrangement is divided into horizontal and vertical. Each font is designed in strict detail, and its seriousness is the same as the enterprise logo.