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                                  Current position:Home > News

                                  - Company News -

                                  Laba today! May the tenderness of porridge comfort the cold winter!

                                  Release:Huilv Aluminum|Time:2022/1/10 8:35:52

                                  In the impression of many people

                                  This is probably the warmest and sweetest Festival
                                  The soft glutinous Laba porridge is steaming
                                  Dense winter
                                  Time is sweet and delicious
                                  Today is the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month
                                  Commonly known as "Laba"
                                  Rice, millet, glutinous rice
                                  Soybeans, red beans, mung beans
                                  Red dates, peanuts, lotus seeds
                                  Laba day
                                  People boil a pot of food together
                                  The beautiful wish of "gathering all things and harmonizing thousands of spirits"
                                  Gentle and restrained
                                  Implicit and considerate
                                  Laba porridge is not only a seasonal delicacy
                                  It is also a good health product
                                  In cold weather
                                  Warm the stomach and warm the heart
                                  In addition to Laba porridge
                                  There are many customs in Laba Festival all over China
                                  Soaking Laba garlic is a habit of northerners
                                  Marinate garlic in vinegar
                                  Garlic will become as transparent as jade
                                  In Yixian County, Anhui Province
                                  Every household should dry "Laba tofu"
                                  Golden trim, salty and delicious
                                  "Don't be greedy, child. It will be the year of Laba."
                                  Familiar nursery rhymes ring in my ears
                                  The smell of new year is getting stronger and stronger day by day
                                  Are you patiently cooking a pot of Laba porridge
                                  Sit around with your family in the light of the lamp
                                  Or looking forward to in missing
                                  The arrival of the day of reunion
                                  Recurrent epidemic
                                  Right now
                                  There are still countless people fighting on the front line of the fight against the epidemic
                                  May the mountains and rivers be safe
                                  Everyone is safe and healthy!
                                  May the tenderness of porridge
                                  Comfort the cold winter!