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                                  Current position:Home > News

                                  - Company News -

                                  The construction started on the eighth day of the first month

                                  Release:Huilv Aluminum|Time:2022/2/8 10:46:07

                                  February 8, 2022

                                  Anhui Huilong group huialuminum New Material Technology Co., Ltd

                                  Ushered in a good start to the new year

                                  The new year opens up new hope

                                  New hopes carry new dreams

                                  We need to switch from "vacation mode" to "work mode"“

                                  Ride the wind and waves to make another success!

                                  a new year

                                  Wish you all

                                  Shine everywhere, and the pressure runs away

                                  When troubles are swept away, the salary is not spent

                                  With red light on your face, you can win glory in the workplace

                                  Glory in the future!