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Phone : +1-631-897-7276 | Email : info@brainvire.com

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Want to write blogs and articles about Technology? We motivate everyone to share their knowledge and experiences by writing and submitting the posts in the categories like Dot Net, Asp.net, Microsoft and DotNetNuke extensions, modules, etc

The Process.

1.       Write the blog post.

2.       Email it to us on ‘dnnextension@outlook.com‘ with the subject line ‘Guest Post – Your Name’.

3.       We will inspect it to approve or disapprove.

4.       You will get the acceptance or rejection email.

5.       You will be asked to make changes, if any.

6.       Email the final post back to us after the modifications are made.

7.       You need to notify us through email if you want to make any changes.

8.       We shall send the final approval or rejection mail (The review and editing process might take time).

The Rules…

                    Make sure the content is 100 percent unique.

                    It should be fresh, informative, engaging and interesting.

                    Make sure you include example and statistics, whenever possible.

                    The spell check and grammar should be performed before you submit to make it error free.

                    Make sure you include only those images which you are allowed to.

                    If you have got any queries, you can email us at ‘dnnextension@outlook.com‘.