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One Web Platform that comes with many opportunities!



Amplify information to be quickly disseminated to employees with up-to-date and real-time updates, notifications reinforcing your intranet as a timely and relevant resource


Make common internal business processes more efficient


Provide a sense of community within an organizaiton


Facilitate growth, expand culture and enable new efficiencies and cohesion across your organization


Keep employees engaged and informed


Facilitate collaboration and communication through a personalized intranet. Engage and empower your teams with on-demand access to information


Drive innovation and business success



Best way to collaborate and communicate for employees

An intranet portal is one of the best ways a company can bring each and every employee of each and every department on a single platform. The portal has got profile of all the employees; being here, they feel that they are a part of such a large organization.


Information Ocean

All the news, events and the latest and upcoming happenings are mentioned on the intranet portal of the company. All the employees can stay updated about the happenings in the organization with the help of this portal. It has also got the newsletters and an update about all the achievements of the organization

Leaves Management

Employees can apply for leaves and wait for the respective managers and the HR team to approve them. Through the portal, employees can also view the list of holidays in the year, the upcoming holidays as well as the total number of leaves they are eligible for! Also, the list of total leaves consumed and pending is shown.


About Employees

The best part is; it has also got the list of the recently joined employees. So, that people come to know about them. In addition to that, it has got the birthdays of all the employees. In addition to that, some companies also keep a separate block to mention the name of the ‘star of the month’ in order to encourage other employees.

Activity Zone

It might also have a separate block for the joke of the day; which can have a text or an image for the laughter zone. Some companies keep riddle block; just for fun. You can also keep the ‘quote of the day’ to inspire employees



The portal has also got the reporting system; where employees can give the detailed report of the work done in the entire day; on the basis of the projects as well as time period.

DNN Intranet Portal includes comprehensive portal tools for building scalable and collaborative portal.

Overview of Portal Modules



The Dashboard taps into the data stored in the firm’s systems and provides an easy way for end users to either access or review the information displayed within the dashboard.



A complete module with full user administration allows message administration, comprehensive search, profile management and much more.


Tel Directory

Swiftly locate anyone in the organization. The intranet portal allows you to locate the staff directory based on standard information such as name, email and department.


Process Library

A complete forum module with full user administration and purpose-built collaborative spaces for various departments like sales, marketing,
HR, Admin etc.


Document Libraries

Specify your documents to be displayed based on keywords and numerous other criteria.