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Phone : +1-631-897-7276 | Email : info@brainvire.com

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DNN Responsive Skin Design 
Leverage quality skins for your DNN website with optimal flexibility to meet your current and future needs!

Any DotNetNuke project or solution will involve the use of skin. The DotNetNuke ecosystem is supported by a choice of several thousand off-the-shelf skin designs however, it is unlikely that there is one to exactly match your brand identity. Brainvire has designed so many professional DNN Skins and developed several skins for DotNetNuke applications that are easy-to-use, user-friendly and can be easily integrated with the DNN platform.

Our expert team of DNN Skin designers and developers will completely create a new skin or enhance your existing website in to a new DotNetNuke skin. Our DNN Custom Skin Design will give your website a new look with our unique design and help turn your DotNetNuke website into everything you have dreamed about.

Our DotNetNuke Skin features include :
  • All DNN skins are designed in Adobe Photoshop with the best color scheme and look
  • Responsive DNN Skins - Compatible with all devices
  • Cross-browser compatibility - Test on all major browsers before the final delivery
  • More DNN Containers - Facility to change the box style for all the content boxes or for any particular box
  • More Panes - Multiple choices for page skins and content box styles
  • User Friendly DNN Skins - Once the skins are developed the designers’ intervention is not needed to change the look of the site
  • Preview site’s look and feel before actually applying the skins
  • Facility to change DNN skin for the entire site or for any particular page
  • Clean and semantic skin that will perform better with search engines and help improve your overall site performance and speed

What we offer?

Planning : We chalk out a thorough plan and understand your needs in detail so that we can build a DNN Skin with optimal flexibility, colors, menus, layout etc. that speaks about your corporate brand.

Design : When designing we consider everything we established in the planning phase and start to layout a DNN Skin that will look good and appealing. We give special attention to navigation and incorporate menu designs that are intuitive, search engine friendly and cross-browser compatible.

Development: The development stage is where the planning and DNN Skin Design all come together. We utilize our best techniques and practices in order to give you the most flexible skin possible.

Got questions? Contact us today at 1-631-897-7276 or send us an email at info@brainvire.com!